How to work remotely in the time of coronaviruses

To be better prepared for work in the time of coronavirus, I attended a webinar on “Team dynamics during a crisis” organised by Obhi Chatterjee and Julie Guegan. Some 480 colleagues from the European Commission were connected to the webinar, of which two thirds remotely from home (like me).

To guarantee and nurture the dynamics of a team that is forced to work remotely because of a crisis, a leader should focus on 3 points:

  • ensure good performance
  • boost the morale
  • strengthen the relationship

In a nutshell, we should use more our soft skills to engage our coworkers, take care of others, use our rationale brain, be creative, be clear on expectations without doing micromanagement, be transparent and share everything, focus on one thing at a time. As said by Julie, “the coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for a shift in attitude at work”. To become more empathetic and resilient, to show ourselves vulnerable, to express emotions, to admit that we don’t know, to build trust, even more trust in your team.

I would like to know what you think about it. You can share your thoughts, comments, experience here below or join the discussion on Linkedin (where I first published this post).

My sketchnotes of the webinar:

How to work remotely in the time of coronaviruses
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One Reply to “How to work remotely in the time of coronaviruses”

  1. I completely agree that it is an opportunity to change our attitude and mind. Keep the POSITIVE in every situation and take it as a starting point for CHANGE. We fear change because it is unknown. Let’s try to focus on where we can CONTRIBUTE positively to the change, one thing at a time.
    Leave grip on what you can’t control. TRUST others.
    There will be an after, and we will never be the same again.
    But what can be do about it? Let’s stop fighting against it and help the transition to be smooth and beneficial. For everyone. Together we can make the change a good thing.

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