In this blog I share my ideas, my experiences, my passion, my dreams.

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Hosting and harvesting online VS physical

On 5 May, Amy Lenzo (*) gave an online masterclass on “Hosting and harvesting online VS physical” to the community of practitioners of the Art of Hosting at the European Commission (**). My takeaways (actually apply to any online session): “It’s not a question of technology, it’s a question of relationships”  90% of your experience, …

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Coronavirus en Belgique: confinements et déconfinements

Quand j’ai écrit cet article en avril 2020, je voulais expliquer simplement les phases du déconfinement avec mes sketchnotes, et décrire sur une ligne du temps comment la Belgique en était arrivée à devoir confiner sa population pour contrer la pandémie du COVID-19. Comme tout le monde, j’avais alors l’espoir qu’avec la fin du déconfinement …

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Who am I

I love nature, our earth, our universe. I am passionate about the human being, about visuals, about sciences and their results, whether human psychology or technology.  I like silence, I practice meditation. I draw since my earliest childhood, before having been able to write.

At school and during my studies, I drew in the white margins of my course books. Teenager, I drew to decorate the walls of party venues for friends with posters of our favorite rock and hard rock bands. Now that I’m working, I use drawings and visuals to help people better remember, innovate, better understand complexity, have a holistic view without forgetting the details, and most importantly, better connect to the intangible and the ineffable that is in them.