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COVID-19 en Belgique: comparaison des deux premières vagues

17/11/2020 – La deuxième vague de contaminations au virus COVID-19 en Belgique a atteint son apogée, enfin, et les différents indicateurs sont tous à la baisse. Il faut espérer que cette inversion de tendance se poursuive. Les données du site sciensano.be [1] montrent que la deuxième vague a atteint des pics plus élevés que la …

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Hosting and harvesting online VS physical

On 5 May, Amy Lenzo (*) gave an online masterclass on “Hosting and harvesting online VS physical” to the community of practitioners of the Art of Hosting at the European Commission (**). My takeaways (actually apply to any online session): “It’s not a question of technology, it’s a question of relationships”  90% of your experience, …

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Who am I

I love nature, our earth, our universe. I am passionate about the human being, about visuals, about sciences and their results, whether human psychology or technology.  I like silence, I practice meditation. I draw since my earliest childhood, before having been able to write.

At school and during my studies, I drew in the white margins of my course books. Teenager, I drew to decorate the walls of party venues for friends with posters of our favorite rock and hard rock bands. Now that I’m working, I use drawings and visuals to help people better remember, innovate, better understand complexity, have a holistic view without forgetting the details, and most importantly, better connect to the intangible and the ineffable that is in them.