Resources on the web

This is my non-exhaustive list of resources related to visuals on the web. Many of them are about techniques like sketchnoting, visual recording and/or facilitation. You will also find links to neuroscience, history of art, science of images, listening techniques, etc. Enjoy!


My “Visual thinking” playlist on YouTube:

Other videos (not on YouTube):

Other video’s playlists:


Listen to 150+ episodes over 14 seasons in the archives of The Sketchnote Army Podcast, Mike Rohde’s interviews to sketchnoters and visual thinkers.


Other resources and blogs

International Sketchnote Camps (ISC)

Hashtags on social media

Some interesting hashtags to find content on social media (x/twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc)

#todaysdoodle #sketchnotes #graphicrecording #sketchnotes #UnPictoParJour #SNHangout #SNChallenge

#inktober9999 with 9999 as the year of the Inktober challenge
#SNDay9999 with 9999 as the year of the Sketchnote Day

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