Managing team conflicts

Conflict and tension are part of (work) life and can become toxic if ignored. If we address them with care, wisdom can emerge and we can foster safety and trust in our teams.

Based on non-violent communication (NVC) and Theory U, Raffaella Toticchi explained us the 4+1 steps to have the needed conversations in our teams to finally resolve the tension:

  1. Clarify the tension, perceptions and observations
  2. Invite (with care) to have a conversation
  3. Bring out the elephant (in the room)
  4. Go deeper in the di-alogue and sense-making
  5. Resolve the tension and look at further agreements and actions

The talk was part of the “Coffee and Learn” initiative organised by the One-Stop-shop in DG JRC, European Commission.

Managing team conflicts - Sketchnotes
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