Inktober21 Inception prompts

My #inktober2021 prompts in an inception video mode. Drawn with fingers and ink on Procreate iPad, mounted on Adobe Premiere, everything quickly.

To say that I didn’t even want to do this Inktober challenge because I was too busy this month with other professional and private commitments. Then I told myself to illustrate the prompt of the day without pressure, just by following my instinct, by drawing with my fingers and a single brush in black ink (membrane) on Procreate / iPad, all quickly. And to facilitate my life, or complicate it depending on the point of view, each day create a new prompt from the previous one.

Finding inspiration quickly for a concept, an idea, a word, is the constant challenge of the graphic recorder/facilitator. Sometimes it helps not to think too much and to connect to his inner creativity. This Inktober challenge helped me put this principle into practice. This is the result with all 31 prompts animated in a “inception-mode” video (mounted quickly on Adobe Premiere). Big thank you to friends who encouraged me, especially friends and members of the sketchnote community.

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