EU values and identities

How EU policymakers can navigate the new societal and political landscape of complex challenges, growing polarisation of groups of citizens, and conflicting opinions?

A report by the EU Science, Research and Innovation says that science alone doesn’t move the policy debate or citizens behaviours. Rather, policymakers should understand the EU citizens’ values and identities, their differences inside a country and among countries, how identities influence values, how being member of different groups (tribes) colour people’s opinions and biases.

This understanding helps to better see what is desired by citizens, what is important for them, and finally to improve policymaking and regain trust in democracy. At the end of his presentation of the report, Mario Scharfbillig mentioned a toolkit to integrate values and identity in policymaking: heightened understanding, co-creation, and communication.

My sketchnotes of Mario’s presentation.

Sketchnotes of a talk on values and identities,  a Guide for policymakers
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